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Overbilling – Won’t Lawyers Pad Their Hours Anyway?

I was recently in a meeting with several members of a legal department at a Fortune 500 company discussing RFPs for legal services.  During the meeting I was surprised by a comment. “That’s great that the firms would be incented to offer discounts, but won’t they all just stuff the time sheet with more hours […]

Structuring an RFP For Legal Services – The Basics

In-house counsel and others who procure legal services for corporations are under incredible pressures to contain costs.  RFP’s can be a terrific way to drive better pricing from law firms either matter to matter or for longer term engagements.  Here are four basic principles that will enhance the quality of information you receive from law […]

Legal Fees 101 – Review Chart

The following chart summarizes basic pros and cons and common use scenarios of fee types frequently utilized by law firms.  Although not an end-all-to-be-all guide, it should serve as a useful summary.  The chart is presented from the client’s point-of-view.  As you know, the possibilities for creative thinking on fee arrangements are extensive.  Two or […]

The Finite Inventory of Time: How Time Impacts Fee Methods

My daughter is 11. When I tell her something she already knows, she sometimes calls me “Captain Obvious”. But I think this message bears repeating. Much is written about how law firms structure and price fees. The rise of alternative fee methods, the desire of clients to purchase results and trends (normally upwards) in hourly […]

BanyanRFP is an industry leader and is light years ahead of other RFP software I have used in the past. The user interface is clean and easy to understand. It was obviously created by someone who knows the business process very well.

Ashley Elliot Business Development Manager at Parker Poe
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