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Law Firms: Three Steps to a Better Proposal

Recently a national law firm asked us to visit with them to discuss how they could improve their RFP responses submitted through our platform. They wanted to discuss the finer points of proposal writing – i.e. beyond the obvious point of offering compelling pricing. We were happy to oblige. While much of what we shared was specific […]

Repeatable Legal Work: Two Steps to Savings

If you have repeatable legal work, it often benefits you to run an RFP for a multi-year engagement. Do you process a large volume of visa applications? Do you manage a patent portfolio? Do you file a lot of trademark applications? Read on. There are a number of ways to instruct firms to complete their financial […]

RFP Results: Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Recently I went out to dinner with a client who was in town. As we reviewed his use of BanyanRFP, I was struck by his characterization of one particular RFP he’d processed. “Our focus there was just to understand the market for that type of work,” he said. “And that was certainly accomplished.” The RFP was […]

Legal Cost Savings: Add It Up

As we reflect on 2014, we are happy to share a success story that illustrates when you are willing to ask your counsel for their best shot to do your work, the savings can add up fast. In five recent one-off processes run at BanyanRFP, it’s likely that over $1MM dollars would have been left on […]

BigLaw Continues to Profit

By almost anyone’s account, BigLaw is in trouble.  It is facing constrained demand as clients seek to keep work in-house.   There is disruption from a host of technologies that are automating or commoditizing work flows. The prospect of a “new normal” of low growth-rates looms for the foreseeable future.  There are literally tomes of […]

Upping the Value of Legal Services

In Part I of this two-part blog we posted why pricing in the legal market is not necessarily tied to the value of legal services and touched upon how the legal marketplace is inefficient. In Part II, we now delve into what some top thinkers have to say about value when it comes to legal […]

The One About Value

Out on the interwebs there is much tweeting and linking about disruption, revolution, downfall and rebirth of the legal profession. One of the hot topics is about the value that lawyers deliver and how this relates to both the delivery and pricing of legal services.  In part one of this two-part blog, we claim that when […]

On Beyond Savings: Why a Competitive Counsel Selection Process Matters

Not everyone feels the need to run a competitive process to hire outside counsel . There are a laundry list of reasons folks will throw out, but there’s one I find especially difficult to swallow: “I already know what everything costs.”  When I find myself in front of a “I know what it costs” counselor, […]

The Heart of the Matter: On Law Firm Relationships & Loyalty

I recently read an open letter to GCs and outside counsel posted by a GC on the ACC Docket website (  The letter makes a number of great points about the plight of law firms in this highly competitive environment and how better business practices can help them prosper.  But it also highlights what it characterizes […]

We leverage BanyanRFP each time we have a deal—and invite three trusted, prequalified firms to participate. On any given day, one of the three is better suited for the work or wants it more.

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