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Run an RFP to hire outside counsel? That sounds risky.

There are risks to running an RFP to hire outside counsel, but they are the kind of risks most clients appreciate: the risk of saving money, uncovering key expertise and securing market pricing for your legal work.

Incumbents: Love ‘Em or list ‘Em?

So how do you feel about your law firm incumbents? Do you love ‘em? Or need to list ‘em? The answer: most definitely yes! We Love Our Incumbents There are many reasons to love one’s incumbents. These relationships can run deep. Maybe your lawyer is a dear friend from back in the day. Or, maybe your lawyer has become a dear friend […]

Risk Sharing: What Does It Take?

With law firm salaries on the rise, it is reasonable for clients to wonder if their interests are aligned with those of their law firms.  Risk sharing incentive structures can help insure that both client and firm are in lock-step when it comes to objectives and desired outcomes.  Sound complicated?  Creating risk sharing agreements is […]

Leveraging Competition: Law Firms Expect It

Are you feeling reticent about leveraging competition to shore-up the (likely long) list of firms with whom you work?  You shouldn’t be.  Here’s some great data to give you confidence that it is time to jump in the pool! The Landscape of Legal Service Providers is Changing The market for legal services continues to change […]

When Is the Last Time You Updated Your Panel?

When is the last time you refreshed your panel of firms?  Even for a single practice area?  If more than five years have elapsed, you have much to gain from a panel update.  Many things change over the course of five years—both at law firms and in your business.  This shares the results from a […]

Competition Drives Compelling Results

The GC role is not getting easier.  There is increased regulation, patent trolls, concerns over cyber-security, the impending enforcement of GDPR…not to mention the pressure on GCs to do “more with less” and control their costs.  Although demand for legal services is flat, revenue at firms increased by 4% in 2017 to date (Citibank 2017 […]

Why Matter-Level RFPs Matter

Recently back from the CLOC Institute, I have been simmering on how corporate legal departments are (and are not) leveraging RFPs. Most seem to tackle an RFP when it is time to create or refresh a panel. The process is looked upon with a fair amount of dread. Having had painful experiences with their panel reviews, it is […]

Client Service: Are Your Law Firms Delivering?

As you reflect on the past year, it is worth taking a moment to consider how your law firms are delivering for you. Are they anticipating your needs? Investing in your relationship? Maintaining a high standard of client service? It is likely that some of your firms have become complacent. In this competitive legal marketplace, […]

The Business of Law: Which Type of Client Are You?

Over the past few weeks there have been a series of related headlines about the business of law that, at face value, tell a puzzling story. First, there was news that law firms have been raising their hourly rates. It was suggested this was tied to the fact law firms had significantly raised associate salaries for […]

We leverage BanyanRFP each time we have a deal—and invite three trusted, prequalified firms to participate. On any given day, one of the three is better suited for the work or wants it more.

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