Making RFPs Painless

BanyanRFP’s consultants are fueled by a patented, cloud-based solution that streamlines the RFP process. This winning combination drives great results.

Client Consultation

Streamline the Process
Whether you are old pros at legal services procurement or launching your first RFP, BanyanRFP leverages its broad range of experience as you need. BanyanRFP happily partners with all stakeholders: in-house counsel, legal ops or procurement. BanyanRFP’s consultants can lead your team through the process or augment the work of your internal experts. With their keen understanding of RFP best practices, BanyanRFP’s consultants will set your team up for success.

Understand the Issues
BanyanRFP appreciates that legal issues are nuanced and that understanding your matter is key to creating an RFP that will deliver compelling results. BanyanRFP provides an upfront consultation and RFP drafting–at no additional cost–to assure your RFP reflects a clear scope of work. BanyanRFP takes into account how you engage with your law firms today and acknowledges that these requirements may differ practice-area-to-practice-area. The net: proposals with apples-to-apples comparisons that provide clear comparisons and enable effective analysis.

Process Management

Draft the RFP
Although BanyanRFP is armed with dozens and dozens of templates, BanyanRFP consultants listen to your requirements and draft RFPs that are specific to your needs. As always, BanyanRFP secures your feedback and approval before launch. Prefer a more self-service approach? BanyanRFP can flex to your needs.

Manage the Law Firms
BanyanRFP proactively manages the law firms throughout the RFP process. From hosting a bidders’ call or offering one-on-one RFP reviews, BanyanRFP ensures that the law firm invitees understand the RFP instructions. Additionally, BanyanRFP’s consultants are happy to field all law firms’ questions and keep you informed along the way.

Sense-Check the Proposals
Even with the best instructions, law firms can be biased to answer your RFP in a way that suits them best. BanyanRFP’s consultants sense-check all proposals to verify that the law firms have indeed followed instructions. At the time the process closes, proposal data is sanitized so it is ready for analysis.

Proposal Analysis

Leverage the Custom Dashboard
BanyanRFP provides an easy-to-use, on-line account that features a custom dashboard and more detailed reporting via Tableau. The BanyanRFP platform automatically calculates key metrics to provide apples-to-apples proposal comparisons. If a reverse auction is at play, respondents can view competitive metrics on an anonymous basis. You always have control over which metrics respondents can view.

Provide a Consultant’s Topline
Although detailed reporting is always available in your account, BanyanRFP’s consultants get you started with a topline analysis of the law firm proposals. This helps you know what the best next questions may be, where you may want to dig deeper into the data and with whom you may want to further negotiate. BanyanRFP’s consultants are available to answer questions as you dig-into the data.

Let’s discuss potential results for your organization


We leverage BanyanRFP each time we have a deal—and invite three trusted, prequalified firms to participate. On any given day, one of the three is better suited for the work or wants it more.

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