Three Steps to Lower Legal Fees

1. Create Your RFP.

Use the RFP generator to create your RFP with ease.

  • Define the work-scope for each phase of your engagement
  • Inform law firms of any staffing preferences
  • Provide questions for the firms to answer
  • Offer other appropriate instructions.

When you’ve input all key information, then invite the law firms you want to submit proposals to respond to your RFP.

2. Law Firms Respond.

The invited law firms follow three simple steps:

  • Submit a budget for your engagement
  • Respond to any questions you’ve asked and
  • Provide any other information required by your RFP

All law firm proposals are formatted consistently to ease your review.

3. Compare Proposals, Drive Competition.

BanyanRFP eases your analysis by:

  • Calculating key metrics from proposals automatically
  • Giving you a dashboard for apples-to-apples metric comparisons
  • Providing access to more detailed comparative reports for deeper analysis

and drives law firm competition by:

  • Allowing respondents to view competitive metrics on an anonymous basis
  • Givng you control over which metrics respondents can view
  • Letting respondents update their proposals in real-time

When your RFP process is complete, engage whatever law firm you want to help with your project.