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BanyanRFP was designed by in-house lawyers for in-house legal departments. Our founder is General Counsel of a NASDAQ-listed company and has 20+ years in-house experience at companies of different scales. Through his own experiences and those of other in-house lawyers, the BanyanRFP team worked to remove the pain and complexity of the manual RFP process to create a best-in-class application to procure legal services.

As a result, BanyanRFP sees the world through the eyes of the in-house lawyer. We know it’s tough out there. Your legal budget is under more pressure than ever. And, at the same time, so is your need for legal services. The heightened regulatory environment, globalization of your business and increased competition reinforce your need for outside counsel. Running RFPs manually or on SAP applications is cumbersome, time consuming and often nets proposals that are hard to compare. BanyanRFP has removed these pain points and guarantees: apples-to-apples comparisons, like-formatted proposals and ease of review.

The net: BanyanRFP makes running RFPs to hire outside counsel painless. We partner with you, as needed (and at no added cost), to write a thoughtful RFP designed to enable you to find best-fit counsel at best pricing. We manage the process end-to-end while consulting with you all along the way. After the proposals arrive, we provide a top-line analysis to help you prioritize next steps. The whole process is supported by a patented, cloud-based platform that houses your RFPs and proposals. Your account at BanyanRFP provides a custom dashboard to instantly compare results and the option for more detailed reporting.

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We take the pain out of hiring outside counsel

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It was powerful to understand where our incumbent stood in the marketplace and what other firms were well-suited to support our deal. The platform eased our review and netted market pricing for the work. We look forward to using BanyanRFP again.

Lori Berreman Chief Legal Officer, Constellation
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