A cost-saving solution for in-house counsel.

We know it’s tough out there.  Your legal budget is under more pressure than ever.  And, at the same time, so is your need for legal services.  The heightened regulatory environment, globalization of your business and increased competition make outside counsel business critical.  You’ve considered running RFPs to help contain costs, but you know the process can be time consuming and unwieldy.

Enter BanyanRFP—a private, secure, cloud-based RFP application that saves you both time and money.

Efficient – Reduces time investment

Effective – Drives down costs

Flexible – Lets you control the process

We put a multi-year engagement out for bid to several firms and realized more than a 25% savings off historical rates.  And unlike our prior arrangement, significant portions of the work are now subject to fee caps.  Given this work is a significant portion of our annual legal spend, we’re thrilled with the results gained through BanyanRFP.  Our budget is now more predictable and better able to absorb other unexpected costs that arise every year.
- General Counsel, Manufacturing Company