Making RFPs Painless

RFPs for legal services can be cumbersome, time-consuming and hard to analyze. BanyanRFP makes running RFPs to hire outside counsel painless.

Expert Consultants

Our expert consultants partner with you to understand your business and draft an RFP that best represents your needs.

Patented Approach

Fueled by BanyanRFP’s patented software, our consultants run efficient processes and deliver keen insights.

Great Results

On average, clients see over a 30% spread on rates and proposed fees each time they run an RFP.


BanyanRFP Simplifies
Proposal Review and Analysis

  • Easy admin with differing levels of access
  • Like-formatted proposals
  • Custom dashboard that compares proposals on key metrics
  • Detailed reporting options
  • Additional rounds of bidding, as needed
  • Reverse auction, as desired


We take the pain out of hiring outside counsel

See How It Works
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